The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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Tue Sep 4 18:15:48 EDT 2001

on 4.9.2001 22:27, Dorian E. Gray at israfel at wrote:
> Books with a musical theme, huh?  Let me see...  Mercedes Lackey's
> "Bardic Voices" and sequels spring immediately to mind - very light,
> fluffy fantasy about, well, bards.  Music also runs through several of
> her Valdemar books.  There's a lot of music running through Joan
> Aiken's James III series; Dido's father is a musician and bits of his
> songs pop up everywhere.  Then there's Anne McCaffrey's "Crystal
> Singer" books - SF where the mining of a particular type of crystal is
> achieved by singing to/at it.

I agree about the fluffiness of Lackey's series. Other books with music in
the could be Greg Bear's _Infinity Concerto_ and _Serpent Mage_ duo (I think
they have been published as an omnibus edition named _Songs of Earth and
Power_ or something like that). Very good books. I read these before I ever
read any of his hard sf (though I like that as well) and think he should
write some more fantasy sometime.


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