The Princess Bride (was Re: McKillip)

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Tue Sep 4 17:17:10 EDT 2001

>Rebecca asked...
>> What are people's opinions on the Morgenstern version.  I have heard
>> various sources that it does not exist, does exist and was
>> exists and can be found, etc.  (Have we already discussed this?)
>> anyone actually seen the Morgenstern version?
>It does not exist.  The whole device of Goldman's book being a
>translation and abridgement of an older book is just that - a framing
>device into which he fits his story.  Though I believe he finds it
>highly amusing that so many people think Morgenstern and his book

That was my opinion after finishing the book, but it then turns the book
into an irony of sorts, because it is ironic commentary on the nature of
ironic commentary...Which gets very confusing.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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