The ideal music to read a DWJ novel to.

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Tue Sep 4 15:27:26 EDT 2001

Sophie said...
> Er...well. Quite. I think, no actually, I know, that I
> stated this wrong. What I really meant to ask, was
> what sort of music do you fell connects up with the
> books, what music captures the feel or the atmosphere
> of them?

I didn't contribute to this thread earlier, because I'm another one of
those who shuts everything else out while reading.  But this different
question sort of got me thinking a bit.

With "Fire and Hemlock" should go a mixture of Steeleye Span (British
folk-rock; IIRC they did version of both "Tam Lin" and "Thomas the
Rhymer") and 80s pop.

"The Spellcoats" seems to demand medieval/early Rennaissance music,
with recorders and cornamuses and crumhorns and things.  That sort of
thing would go well with "Cart and Cwidder" too, and of course some
lute music; I see a cwidder as being much like a lute, or maybe a
cross between a lute and a viol.

"Dogsbody" wants something Goth-ish but dreamy - maybe some of The
Mission's slower stuff.

"The Ogre Downstairs" has to be 70s rock...Whitesnake and Deep Purple,
interspersed with the Bay City Rollers (!).

"Power of Three"...something folkish.  Clannad, maybe.

"Eight Days of Luke" probably ought to be Wagner, but I can't stand
Wagner, so I'll say Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks".  And
maybe the "1812 Overture" as well.

"The Homeward Bounders" needs lots of different styles of music,
preferably involving plenty of little-known things like Icelandic
folk-songs and African tribal stuff and wail-y Middle Eastern things.

Light, fluffy Italian composers would go with "The Magicians of
Caprona", but I can't think of any suitable ones off the top of my
head.  Some of Mozart would probably fit too.

The other Chrestomanci books need something soberer.  Some of Bach's
organ stuff, perhaps.  Except "Witch Week", where I find myself
thinking The Damned.

> Sophie (who will try to bring the subject of music up
> at every opportunity and is making notes about
> book-recommendations with a musical theme)

Books with a musical theme, huh?  Let me see...  Mercedes Lackey's
"Bardic Voices" and sequels spring immediately to mind - very light,
fluffy fantasy about, well, bards.  Music also runs through several of
her Valdemar books.  There's a lot of music running through Joan
Aiken's James III series; Dido's father is a musician and bits of his
songs pop up everywhere.  Then there's Anne McCaffrey's "Crystal
Singer" books - SF where the mining of a particular type of crystal is
achieved by singing to/at it.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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