Tanith Lee (was Re: A long ramble: Regency fantasy, book recommendations, etc.)

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at oberlin.edu
Tue Sep 4 14:44:09 EDT 2001

>>PS Textbook prices.  Ouch!  I never paid anything like that for my
>>textbooks (I
>>dropped chemistry after my first year, 1986-87).  I also hardly looked at
>>during my years of study...
>One advantage to majoring in English lit is that most of the books are
>really cheap.  :)
Unfortunatly, that's not a choice, I found myself to be hopelessly addicted
to biochemistry...:)  But after the really expensive textbook we still have
to buy two lab manuals and a model kit, so I'm not sure it's an addiction I
can afford.
I'm rereading Tam Lin and I'm amazed at the number of allusions.  It's like
the fifth time of read it, but I'm just now picking up on the Blackstock
allusion.  (Blackstock is a replacement for Carterhaugh in some versions of
the ballad.)  All my friends find the book very girlie/cliche, but I think
that she is very artful a weaving in the Faerie tale.  Did Dean write
anything else?  (I have a copy of a book by her called Hidden Land, but
that's the only other piece of her writing I'v emanaged to locate.)
Well I'm off to open my Organic Chem book and do my homework.
P.s. Darn Molly!  She should have given her bunk bed to us.  Bunk beds are
infinetly useful things, and the bedposts to create them here are quite
coveted...it took us forever to get our hands on a pair, and then lifting
my bed was also, er, fun.

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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