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Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at
Tue Sep 4 13:27:25 EDT 2001

 --- elisa at wrote: > On 3 Sep 2001, at 16:00,
Jenny H wrote:
> > I've read some of them in Swedish - I'm from
> Sweden  - but
> > unfortunately there's just a few translated. I've
> to read the books
> > in English instead. Well, that's fine with me... I
> prefer reading in
> > the original language if I can.
> I live in Sweden too, and avoid translations as much
> as possible. I 
> find that there´s nearly always something missing.
> Not that they 
> are edited, though that can happen too, but the
> feeling of a book 
> alters slightly when it is translated. There are of
> course good 
> translators, but I prefer to read in the original
> language if I am able 
> to.
> And sometimes books are translated in a peculiar
> order. For 
> example was the the last of Lloyd Alexander´s
> Prydain-chronicles 
> translated 10 years before all the others. When you
> come to the 
> books of DJW. Only one of the Crestomanci-novels are
> translated, 
> NoCC, but not the rest.
> > I just ordered the Chrestomanci seri from a
> Swedish SF-shop today!
> That shop is worth its weight in gold!!! 
> Elisa
Hello Jenny,

Welcome to the list as well from the next newest
person! (except for possible lurkers)

And I would totally agree with what you and Elisa said
about translations. Avoid if possible. Although it
obviously depends on how good your knowledge of the
original language is. 
When I first started reading DWJ I was about 10 or so,
so I couldn't read English at all. The Dutch
translation wasn't terrible or anything, but for some
reason they felt they had to change the names and I
still do not quite understand why. In f.i. Charmed
Life they changed Gwendolen to Santina. Now, of course
it could be that they wanted something that Dutch
children could identify with. But I have never met a
Dutch Santina in my life. Ever. I think they should
have kept all the original names, as I think children
are quite capable of understanding that in other
countries people might have different names. But even
if you were trying to "Dutchify" the names, the name
that springs to mind would be "Gwedolien". Easy, no? Santina....grrmpf.

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