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>  >Georgia:
>>>I agree they're really good, but I found them quite dark and even
>>>frightening at times - often it seems as if the whole world is in a
>>>conspiracy that only the central characters are fighting.
>I don't know if I would have put it this way, but at least for the one I've
>read, that's how it seems.  Actually to me it felt a little like Thomas
>Hardy, where that's just the way the world is--completely uninterested in
>the small fates of Aiken's protagonists, and all the possibilities are
>heavily weighted toward Bad Luck.

Ergh.  Um, not for me.  But then I'm not a Hardy fan and you are, so 
maybe we're talking different feelings here.  :)  But we can discuss 
it more after (if) you've read them.

>>And Hallie:
>>Finally, back to Melissa, if you do take this recommendation, the
>>James III series (or WoWC Sequence, as it's also called) should be
>>read in order, except that you don't need to read WoWC itself first.
>>I like WoWC a lot, but it's certainly different from the others -
>>cold and eerie and more Victorian-Gothic feeling than the next lot.
>>(_Limbo Lodge_/Dangerous Games_ fits after TSL, but was written last,
>>and Becca and I found it a real let down.)
>So what exactly is the order anyway?  And I just noticed, looking at the
>library catalog, that she's written something called _Jane Fairfax: Jane
>Austen's Emma through Another's Eyes_.  Anyone heard of it?  Also _Mansfield
>Revisited_, billed as a sequel to _Mansfield Park_, and _Emma Watson_ ("The
>Watsons Completed"), and _Eliza's Daughter_ (sequel to _Sense and
>Sensibility_).  I'm beginning to feel REALLY stupid about missing Joan
>Aiken's books.  :)

Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Black Hearts in Battersea
Night Birds on Nantucket
The Stolen Lake
The Cuckoo Tree
Dido and Pa
Is (or Is Underground)
Cold Shoulder Road

The Felix Trilogy (also very good, IMO, set in 1820s Spain)
Go Saddle the Sea
Bridle the Wind
The Teeth of the Gale

I haven't tried the JA/JA ones - it would be so horrible if they were horrible.


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