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Tue Sep 4 11:46:40 EDT 2001

On 3 Sep 2001, at 16:00, Jenny H wrote:

> I've read some of them in Swedish - I'm from Sweden  - but
> unfortunately there's just a few translated. I've to read the books
> in English instead. Well, that's fine with me... I prefer reading in
> the original language if I can.

I live in Sweden too, and avoid translations as much as possible. I 
find that there´s nearly always something missing. Not that they 
are edited, though that can happen too, but the feeling of a book 
alters slightly when it is translated. There are of course good 
translators, but I prefer to read in the original language if I am able 

And sometimes books are translated in a peculiar order. For 
example was the the last of Lloyd Alexander´s Prydain-chronicles 
translated 10 years before all the others. When you come to the 
books of DJW. Only one of the Crestomanci-novels are translated, 
NoCC, but not the rest.

> I just ordered the Chrestomanci seri from a Swedish SF-shop today!

That shop is worth its weight in gold!!! 


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