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Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Tue Sep 4 09:10:55 EDT 2001

> Ros:
> >I've managed to find copies of Sherwood Smith's _Crown Duel_ and _Court
> >Duel_ (on the basis of recommendations from this list, so it had better
> >good people!) but they haven't arrived from the US yet. I was wondering,
> >though, about her _Wren_ books. Are they worth going to any trouble to
> >I have the first two (not read yet, though--also arriving from the US),
> >not the third, _Wren's War_, and was wondering if it's worth really
> >searching for. Anyone read these?

Hallie replied:

> I wasn't as impressed with them, myself.  But then I read them after
> the Crown & Court Duet, so had very high expectations.  Before _Crown
> Duel_ I only had hopes.  :)  But if you have the first two you could
> see how you like them - I couldn't find the first one for ages, as it
> had gone oop while the other two were still in print.  Very annoying.
> There was a romantic wrinkle which didn't much appeal to me in WW...

"Romantic wrinkle", eh? The mind boggles...Thanks for the feedback, Hallie.
I guess I will read the first two, then if I like it, try to find a copy
whose price isn't insanely exhorbitant.


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