The Princess Bride (was Re: McKillip)

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Mon Sep 3 21:38:49 EDT 2001

>But the Inigo quote reminded me of the one thing I came up with that I took
>on a whim:  the 25th anniversary edition of _The Princess Bride_ by William
>Goldman.  Here's why.  Of course I've read the book before, and I own it, so
>it's not like I need to check out the library copy.  But this edition
>includes a NEW introduction, which, among other things, talks about the
>making of the movie.  It also contains, at the end, a section called
>"Buttercup's Baby" which continues the saga of Goldman's translations of S.
>Morgenstern.  This is the first chapter of the sequel to _The Princess
>Bride_, and has its own introduction just as the novel does.  I am half
>convinced that Florin exists.  :)  I recommend taking a look at this,
>perhaps in the spirit of reading a short story (unless it's been a while for
>you, and you need to read the book again).  I read only the new parts, and
>it was wonderful.
What are people's opinions on the Morgenstern version.  I have heard from
various sources that it does not exist, does exist and was destroyed,
exists and can be found, etc.  (Have we already discussed this?)  Has
anyone actually seen the Morgenstern version?

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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