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>> I read them when I was young enough to really be 
>> blown away by the conclusion.  I made Jacob read them as an 
>> adult and he was equally impressed.  They may be hard to find 
>> now, but worth the search.
>Yeah.  I read the books in my 20s and was blown away.  Excellent books.

And don't you agree it was a Really Good Idea to buy them when I did?

(I actually remember that he encouraged me.  "It's really good?" he said.
"Sure, go ahead.")

I have come to appreciate the importance of knowing what's rare and what's a
good deal.  A few years ago I bought the last book on my Childhood Nostalgia
list, _Drujienna's Harp_ by Ellen Kindt McKenzie.  I *adored* this book.  I
got it off ABE for about $20.  Two days ago (the same night I was mindlessly
going over my Amazon rec list) I did some maintenance on my ABE wish list
and, on a whim, thought I'd see what that book was going for.  (I was
thinking about rare books and that was the first that came to mind.)

The cheapest was $150.  The most expensive was over a thousand dollars.  By
the descriptions, my copy is in far better shape than any of those offered.

I seriously doubt anyone will buy the book at those prices.  But it sure
made me feel glad that I'd bought it when I did.

Melissa Proffitt
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