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>---Original Message From: Kyra Jucovy
>> 	Anyway, not only do I not have any time to read, but 
>> I'm also in a kind of Japanese mood at the moment (and since 
>> I don't read Japanese, that means anime and video games)
>If you're feeling oriental, then I have a book recommendation that might
>be for you (and frankly, it's such a good book I can't believe I haven't
>recommended it in a general way, yet).  It's _Brother Initiate_ by Sean
>Russell.  The culture in the book is actually something of a blend of
>Chinese and Japanese so I've known it to be rocky for a friend of mine
>who is a purist.  I *loved* it, though, and I re-read it occasionally
>when I'm feeling oriental. 

<shaking her head>

It's _The Initiate Brother_...and the second book is _Gatherer of Clouds_.
I think it qualifies as a two-volume novel.  Wonderful, though.  I have
never really become attached to his other series(es) (not grammatical) even
though _World Without End_ appeared to take place in roughly 1850s England,
or an alternate version thereof.  His latest book, _The One Kingdom_, is
being recommended by our library.  (They have this quarterly "contest" where
the librarians pick 20 or so recently published books they think people will
like, and you read as many as you want and cast a ballot saying whether you
loved it, liked it, or hated it.  They tally the results and have a
"winner", and then draw one of the ballots and give that person a gift
certificate to Media Play for books or whatever, more likely "whatever"
based on how many people seem to use the library as a free video rental

Melissa Proffitt
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