A long ramble: Regency fantasy, book recommendations, etc.

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>Tanith Lee.  Three books I would again cite as masterpieces, standing 
head>and>shoulders above the rest of her work.  "The Silver Metal Lover", 
"Drinking>Sapphire Wine" and "When the Lights Go Out".  ("Drinking Sapphire 
Wine">was>originally published as two novellas, "Don't Bite the Sun" and 
"Drinking>Sapphire Wine".  This may be the "Biting the Sun" that Sophie 
mentioned).> Of>the rest of her work, she tends to dark fantasy; her 
children's books are>IMO>better than her adult books.

I LOVED The Dragon Hoard when I first encountered it in the '70s It is one of 
her earliest, along with one of other prince and princess stories. Agree 
about Silver Metal Lover and the Sun/Saphire duo. I also liked a couple of 
the others. (Electric Forest, and I am FACINATED by the retellings in Red as 
Blood.) The unicorn trilogy which she brought out recently is also a pleasing 
read, but I never was really that fond of her darker work.

I would also like to mention Jane Louise Curry. She's been in the business as 
long as DWJ, if not longer, and she generally works at a somewhat shorter 
length (comparable to Ogre Downstairs or Eight Days of Luke). Many of her 
books are fantasy of some sort, or at least have some fantasy elements. But 
far from all. And they are generally "modern" in the fantasy element is 
interacting with current day life. I think only The Wolves of Aam and The 
Shadow Dancers are ones which she set in some prehistoric era. I am very fond 
of her two modern juvenile mysteries (she has done several excellent 
mysteries) regarding the Smith family, and a very good time travel story 
named Me, Myself and I. She has also done some fine ghost stories.
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