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> 	Anyway, not only do I not have any time to read, but 
> I'm also in a kind of Japanese mood at the moment (and since 
> I don't read Japanese, that means anime and video games)

If you're feeling oriental, then I have a book recommendation that might
be for you (and frankly, it's such a good book I can't believe I haven't
recommended it in a general way, yet).  It's _Brother Initiate_ by Sean
Russell.  The culture in the book is actually something of a blend of
Chinese and Japanese so I've known it to be rocky for a friend of mine
who is a purist.  I *loved* it, though, and I re-read it occasionally
when I'm feeling oriental.  Joel Rosenberg's _D'shai_ has that same feel
for me, though the culture has fewer overt oriental elements it is still
very strongly the same flavor.  The sequel is darn good, too (_Hour of
the Octopus_).  More purely Japanese is Jessica Amanda Salmonson's
_Tomoe Gozen_ though it isn't as well written as the other
two--published in 1981, it's kind of hard to find now.  The second book
of that series is really good, too, but I stalled out in the third.  The
third book radically changes the circumstances and some key
relationships end up changing.

Finally, as long as I'm remembering books I need to recommend, I *love*
R.A. MacAvoy's _Damiano_ series (includes _Damiano's Lute_ and
_Raphael_).  I didn't enjoy her _Tea with a Black Dragon_ as much as I
thought I would, but _Damiano_ stands is another of those books that
stick to me in a fundamental way even though I haven't read it in years.
It's kind of a darkish Renaissance fantasy if I were to try to
categorize it.

Jacob Proffitt

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