Going to the library

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Sep 3 13:57:12 EDT 2001


>  >Another book I read and loved and then lost (you would think I'd
>>learn to write down names of books from the library, wouldn't you?)
>>was _Quest for a Maid_, by Frances Mary Hendry.  YA Medieval Scotland
>>with magic, which we loved.  I think that one was rediscovered
>>through one of those books like Let's Hear it for the Girls (?),
>>which was given to Becca.
>I love this book!  I read it in college--got it off the library shelf in
>fact, and fortunately found a copy to purchase.  Hendry started a series or
>trilogy loosely about Mary Queen of Scots but I've never read more than the
>first one, which makes me sad.

We also have _Quest for a Kelpie_.  It's very good too, but I didn't 
like it at all as much as QfaM.  I've no idea if anyone else would 
react the same way, but I think part of it is that I don't generally 
like books which begin with the character as an old person, 
remembering the past.  Especially when there's something about having 
unsatisfactory remaining family, (here it's her children, her husband 
is dead and she has a sympathetic grand-daughter, iirc.)  I looked at 
another of the Quest books in the children's library branch which has 
now been closed for about three years.  Didn't get it at the time as 
it seemed a bit old for the girls then - incest, iirc.  But now it's 
in deepest darkest storage someplace, and I wish I'd read it at least.


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