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Mon Sep 3 13:37:33 EDT 2001


>_User Unfriendly_ by Vivian Vande Velde - I've read a couple of other
>books by her, both fantasy-romances, which, intriguingly enough, had the
>exact same male romantic lead, only in one book he was a vampire and in
>the other a dragon.  He happens to be very much just my type, though, so I
>can't say I minded ;-).

:)  We've read one of those - the one in which he's a dragon.  He's 
wonderful!  Very disappointing ending to a great book, IMHO.

>Aside from that, though, I liked this one a lot
>better.  Probably because it cracks me up - it's about a group of kids who
>illegally use a virtual reality program to run a RPG campaign.  One of
>them takes his mother along.  There's a whole running gag about dwarves
>and family honor, not to mention other funny bits.  Plus, there's a twist
>which surprised me enough so that I had to read the whole thing over
>immediately after the first time I finished it, which is always a Good

That sounds great.

>the Seven Citadels quartet by Geraldine Harris - I don't think I can
>emphasize enough how much I love these books.  But the copies that my
>library has of them has a DWJ blurb on the back, so maybe that'll pursuade
>people to read them.  This is just a fantastically detailed world,
>and, again, I _love_ the characters.  Yum, yum, yum.  Basically, the book
>is about an ancient empire which is clearly doomed.  A young prince and
>his half-brother (IIRC the son of a concubine) must save it by
>encountering seven immortal sorcerers/esses - and persuading them to give
>up their powers.  These books just rule.

Oh thank heavens!  I found the second of these books used, and 
grabbed it because of what DWJ said about it (cover was vile, and 
story could have been very ho-hum from the description).  Never could 
find the others, it sounded important to read them in order from what 
DWJ said, so I've been meaning to ask you all about them for ages.  I 
wasn't quite ready to order the others off ABE or the like without 
anything other than the blurb, as I got another book on the basis of 
a DWJ blurb (much shorter, so possibly suspect), and found it 
unexciting.  Now I know about the Seven Citadels though.  Thank you!


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