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Mon Sep 3 13:24:09 EDT 2001

on 1.9.2001 23:32, Hallie O'Donovan at hallieod at wrote:
> Ok, I guess I'm about there with you on _Stardust_, I liked it, but
> didn't love it.  This is a completely subjective reaction here, but I
> found the combination of beautiful, almost lyrical fairy-tale story
> with rather graphic gore a bit unsettling.  (Don't have the energy to
> do spoilers so I won't mention who/what gets it in the neck,
> literally, but that part hurt!)  I'm a big wimp about that kind of
> reading,though.
> I must look out for the illustrated version, given your similar response.

I suggest you check it through before buying it, since some of the
illustrations might be a bit unsettling to suit the story (for example the
scene you mention above). My enthusiasm for the illustrated version rises
mostly out of my love for visually beautiful things and IMHO the Vess
illustrations are magnificent.


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