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on 1.9.2001 22:17, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at Proffitt.com wrote:

On Sean Stewart:
> I've read _Mockingbird_ and was VERY impressed.  I kept forgetting the
> author wasn't a woman.  What a compelling book!

Do read some of his other works as well! He's a really good writer and as a
bonus, all his books are standalones and not part of some trilogy or other.
_Passion Play_ was the first book I read by him (and the first he wrote) and
it really impressed me. After that I've bought all his books (well I don't
have Galveston yet, but soon...).
On Bujold's _Curse of Chalion_
> Yes, she sold two of them to Eos.  All the way through _Chalion_ I kept
> waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I knew she'd sold two of them,
> and assumed incorrectly that it meant she'd sold a two-volume novel.  It was
> such a relief to get to the end and realize that the story actually wrapped
> up, because the way it was going I didn't think I could stand it if I had to
> wait a couple of years for the sequel.  I'm also wondering just what she has
> left to write about.  I'm sure the world can support other stories, but I
> can't imagine what they are.

Yes, it would have been horrible if that book had ended in a cliffhanger. I
think she's almost finished (or at least written quite a lot on) the next
Miles book, and will start on the second "Chalion" book afterwards.
> Maybe I *should* start buying these when I find them.  Every book store I go
> to seems to have at least one of these on the shelf.  Now, finding the
> sequels--THAT'S hard work.

It's a bit harder to find good old fantasy here, because there isn't that
much of it in circulation and naturally most people don't want to part with
their own copies.
On Buffy:
> Isn't it fun to be addicted?!  Jacob and I started watching in season FOUR.
> The FX channel here in the US bought the rights to the reruns years ago, and
> it's finally time for them to air.  I can't wait.

I started watching it when the first season aired here, but watched it
sporadically. I wasn't really hooked until Season 2 and now I'm totally
addicted =).


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