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Hey Jenny!  Welcome.
Personally, after DWJ I'm quite fond of L'Engle (Only her earlier books,
though, I could never get in to the others.)  Roald Dahl, too, who has nt
been recommended for the generic assumption that he's good. We've had quite
a list of recommendations in the past week to recap what people have said:
Susan Cooper _dark is Rising _ series (recommened by Neil)
Tolkien _Lord of the Rings_ (can be considered kids books) (sophie)
Diane Duane's Wizardry series (Tarja)
Patricia Wrede's Dragon series (as an assumed...if you havent read them
drop everythng and do so right now!) and Book of Enchantments (frying pan
of doooom!  Frying pan of dooom!)
There's been a lot of discussion (not this round, though) of Pierce's Wild
Magic, Alanna, Circle of Magic, Circle Opens and Page series.  IMHO she got
a little over-ambitious and her books have suffered for it, but the first
three Wild Magic books and the first two Alanna books are good.
If you're willing to go off fiction Carl Sagan's _The Cosmic Connection_
and _dragons of Eden_ are supposedly for kids (Sagan is a non-fic author
was recommended by Melissa)
Dave Luckett's _Rhianna and the Wild Magic_ (Sally)
Jenny Nimmo (Kyra)
Joan Aiken's Nightfall (Sally)
Joan Aiken in general (Dorian)
There are many, many more, even just recommended since Friday, but ah me, I
am not as well-read as others here (and I bow to your superior knowledge)
so I am not sure which of the books that I have left off this list are for

>I'm new on this list...
>And yes, I've read a few of Margaret Mahy's books!
>She's really a great children's books writer as well (as DWJ).
>And she's from New Zealand. There's some sites out on the net with
>info about her. I surfed around looking last time this very Monday.
>Can you recommend other Children Books authors?
>And which one of Diana Wynne Jones' books do you consider being the
>I've read some of them in Swedish - I'm from Sweden  - but
>unfortunately there's just a few translated. I've to read the books
>in English instead. Well, that's fine with me... I prefer reading in
>the original language if I can.
>I just ordered the Chrestomanci seri from a Swedish SF-shop today!
>I'll have them in about 7-10 days. Already looking forward to that
>My last read DWJ-book is: Hexwood. I read it this summer. All for
>now... Looking forward to be a part of this mailing list. :)
> --- Sophie Liebregts <s_liebregts at> wrote: >
>> Oh dear,
>> Such an overwhelming amount of recommendations, so
>> little book time. (I am moving in about 10 days time
>> and do not expect to how much leasure time for a long
>> while after that either).
>> Well, as if that wasn't enough, my tuppence worth.
>> In the category "books for children/young adults that
>> are still interesting", did any of you ever try any of
>> Margaret Mahy's books?  I think she's from New
>> Zealand. The Changeover is a wonderful book, it does
>> appeal to adolescents in that it is partly about the
>> change from girl to woman (as well as the more magical
>> witch initiation), but as it is very well written, you
>> can imagine her world from the hero's point of view.
>> Her other books have been good as well, although I
>> haven't read them for ages now, as they are lurking in
>> Holland still.
>> When I havel more time (whenever THAT is) I will
>> organise all your suggestions in a file and of course,
>> in time, I will actually read the most tasty-sounding
>> ones.
>> Sophie
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