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Mon Sep 3 00:13:06 EDT 2001

Gross Family wrote:
> Hallie wrote:
> > _Winter Rose_ could be interesting for comparison as you've just read
> > _Tam Lin_, since it's another (looser) variation on Tam Lin.  Becca
> > and I both really liked WR, and _The Book of Atrix Wolfe_ (cool
> > backwards writing), but our favourite of these recent ones was _Song
> > for the Basilisk_.  Like Melissa, but I gather, unlike many McKillip
> > fans.  I think quite a few die-hards found it a bit unengaging (Ros,
> > you can correct me if I'm misremembering this from the list), but we
> > just loved it.  It's marginally less elusive than WR and BoAW, and is
> > just wonderful about music.  Really wonderful.
> I can't remember if I've ever said anything about _Song for the basilisk_ or
> not! Anyway, I really loved it. I enjoyed her other recent ones too, _Winter
> Rose_ and _The Song of atrix Wolfe_, but _Song for the Basilisk_ "grabbed"
> me more. If felt more emotionallly powerful than the others to me, though
> _Winter Rose_comes a close second.

I'd be interested in knowing what made _Song for the Basilisk_
"grab" either of you more.  I couldn't get very excited about it,
even upon rereading, despite my love for both McKillip and
musical themes.  (_Fool's Run_ is on my list of Favorite Books of
All Time, probably due in part to my addiction to Bach, like the
Magician.)  In _Song for the Basilisk_, for example, I had a
problem with the ending; the tyrant's daughter never turned into
a real character for me, and thus never lost the feel of deus ex
machina.  I think I preferred _The Book of Atrix Wolfe_ out of
the more recent McKillips; I liked the backwards writing and the
forest, but the kitchen scenes really made the book for me - Saro
learning about all the different kinds of language in the world. 
Sorry if these have already been discussed.

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