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My post about the heroes of Neil Gaiman reminded me of a favorite of
mine on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Glen Cook's Garret novels are
delightful.  They started as a fantasy riff on Nero Wolff--a fantasy
look at the detective genre.  The thing I like most about Cook is that
he thinks through the consequences of his alterations of reality and
incorporates them in his books.  Garret is the hard boiled ex-marine
detective hero who does the leg work for his genius house mate and is
really no intellectual slouch on his own.  He's honest and funny and
manages to figure it out in the end after taking his lumps.  I
particularly like how Cook managed to merge a modern image of a city
with Ogres and pixies living side-by-side ("It's hard to push human
racial superiority over the next guy when the next guy might be an Ogre
with no sense of humor").  The problem is that Glen Cook is far more
popular with his Black Company series so Garret books are few and far
between (like David Weber's fantasy series--only two so far).  Anyway,
since many on the list like Janet Ivanovich, I thought you might like
Cook's Garret.  It's a series where you absolutely must begin with the
first book (_Bitter Gold Hearts_), though, and they don't do a very good
job of keeping the prior books on the shelves (though you can usually
find the latest one or two in bookstores).
Jacob Proffitt
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