A Very Deep Secret

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Sun Sep 2 19:10:22 EDT 2001

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> The next answer was to a query about gnostic themes in her 
> writing from Kate and Alex. (gnosticism is one of these things I 
> understand fom scraps of information picked up here and there, if 
> anyone can do a coherent exposition I'd be grateful). The subject 
> was wisdom forgetting the task it was sent into this world to 
> perform, forgetting one's true identity etc.

>From what I've read (likely faulty so I'll bow to anyone who actually
knows), Gnostics were an early Christian sect that believed in active
pursuit of "gnosis" and were kind of a precursor of the monastic
tradition.  I believe that "Gnosis" means knowledge and that Gnostics
pursued a state where they would become one with divinity and to do so
would bring great knowledge.  It was an inner revelatory type of
thing--flash of light/enlightenment.

Jacob Proffitt

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