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Gross Family argross at bigpond.net.au
Sun Sep 2 18:27:36 EDT 2001

Hallie wrote:

> What I'm reading now or have read recently:  _Eccentric Circles_,
> Rebecca Lickiss.  Picked up in Edinburgh as it was from the US, so I
> was unlikely to see it elsewhere, I liked what Charles de Lint had to
> say about it, and I liked the title.  It was a lot of fun, and I
> agree with what CdL said he especially liked, but not quite amazing.
> I'd recommend a library read.

Hallie, I'd also read someone's positive comments on this one (not sure who
reveiwed it) and bought it when I saw it. It was a pleasurable enough read,
but because I expected it to be better than it was, I was disappointed. The
characters never really came alive, but the book really let me down because
the writing always remained very pedestrian. So, I agree--OK, but nothing
special. That's a shame, because it had potential. It's also a shame that
I'd gone and bought it! It confirms a theory I hold that even a pedestrian
idea can be made wonderful by wonderful writing, and that even a wonderful
idea can be made pedestrian by pedestrian writing.

_The Death of the Necromancer_ and the first Stephanie Plum book are both
among my gigantic pile of unread books, so I'm glad you enjoyed them! And
the Sarah Bird book sounds like just what I need after a week like last one!


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