A Very Deep Secret

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Sep 2 17:13:39 EDT 2001

>I'm finally getting round to doing this mail properly. I had a little
>difficulty with BT over my bill and the rotters cut my outgoing calls
>off. imagine! Just cos I couldn't give them any money for a few days!

Stinkers!  Glad to hear from you, as I was really thinking you'd been 
an awfully long time at the pub!  <chorus of "Oh, dear, what can the 
matter be?">

>Diana said
>Not officially a magid, ever. But -- you know this sometimes
>happens -- there are times when I feel called upon to do something
>out of the ordinary, which felt as if it were part of a larger pattern i
>couldn't see. Perhaps this is the way it really works and we all
>function as temporary magids from time to time. 
>And this is the kind of answer I was hoping for, showing, among
>other things that she was aware  of this possible reading of Deep

Loved this answer too.

>The next answer was to a query about gnostic themes in her
>writing from Kate and Alex. (gnosticism is one of these things I
>understand fom scraps of information picked up here and there, if
>anyone can do a coherent exposition I'd be grateful). The subject
>was wisdom forgetting the task it was sent into this world to
>perform, forgetting one's true identity etc.
>Diana replied:
>I don't really know why (these themes recur) except I sometimes
>think I have a task myself ...... and I haven't performed it yet. I keep
>writing, hoping to get it performed. But I don't conciously put this in.
>Fascinating. This has the same quality I  get from John Crowley's
>writing, that just below the surface of consciousness, or just
>beyond the range of the senses, something is beating its
>enormous wings.

Ven, that's wonderful!  Love the way you've said this.


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