Going to the library

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sun Sep 2 17:11:35 EDT 2001


>Well!  I certainly didn't expect discussion to take off quite so...rapidly.
>I'm going to the library now, to find several books recommended by many of
>you.  Isn't it nice to have friends to turn to when you have dilemmas like
>this, and a long weekend ahead of you?
>Someday I will have to post a list of Books I Discovered Thanks to the Diana
>Wynne Jones List....

:)  I RE-discovered _Bridge of Birds_ thanks to the list.  I found it 
in the library in one of the US cities we lived in which had good 
libraries and not great second-hand book shops - possibly Durham. 
Just loved it, but then we moved, and I only remembered the cover and 
the location of the shelf in the library in the last city where we'd 
lived.  Had I written down the name or author?  Nope.

So some years later on the list survey a few people mentioned Barry 
Hughart, and I noticed as I had BoB near the top of my AlexLit rec. 
list also.  I saw _Eight Skilled Gentlemen_ down in the bookshop, and 
remembered the author's name, so bought it without even looking at 
the back cover blurb (such trust).  It was only when I got it home 
and read it that I realised BoB was that wonderful book I'd read and 
lost!  Luckily, I found a copy of BoB shortly afterwards.

Another book I read and loved and then lost (you would think I'd 
learn to write down names of books from the library, wouldn't you?) 
was _Quest for a Maid_, by Frances Mary Hendry.  YA Medieval Scotland 
with magic, which we loved.  I think that one was rediscovered 
through one of those books like Let's Hear it for the Girls (?), 
which was given to Becca.

What I'm reading now or have read recently:  _Eccentric Circles_, 
Rebecca Lickiss.  Picked up in Edinburgh as it was from the US, so I 
was unlikely to see it elsewhere, I liked what Charles de Lint had to 
say about it, and I liked the title.  It was a lot of fun, and I 
agree with what CdL said he especially liked, but not quite amazing. 
I'd recommend a library read.

_The Death of the Necromancer_, Martha Wells.  Enjoying this a lot. 
Anyone who's read these will probably disagree with me vehemently, 
but it feels rather like a gentler _Anubis Gates_.  It seems loosely 
Regency or Victorian, but continental, rather than London, which is a 

Finally, I figured something out about the Stephanie Plum books by 
Janet Evanovich - they're like the Bagthorpes (a list rec for me) 
with sex and guns. :)   (Not that sex and guns necessarily make a 
book funny, of course.   But in these they do contribute.)  There's a 
Granny who's so like the Granny in Bagthorpes it's unbelievable. 
What she does to funeral homes (the JE one, this is), is just like 
what the Bagthorpe one did to the bingo hall.

Oh wait, one last - not recommendation, exactly.  Just a mention of a 
book I find wonderful as mind-candy-laced-with-Prozac.  _The 
Boyfriend School_, by Sarah Bird.  Really lightweight, but sometimes 
lightweight fun with its heart in the right place is just what you 


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