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Sun Sep 2 16:52:43 EDT 2001


>>  >I suspect Howl isn't quite as posh as my friend but iirc he
>>  >did go to university.
>>  Well, I'm glad you put this in, because otherwise I'd have had to
>>  disagree with you. :)  Howl does not strike me as posh at all.
>not at all, although I doubt he came from a rough or deprived
>background either. I suspect he would have been in the first
>generation of his family to go to university.

Yeah, I didn't mean downright deprived, just not upper enough that 
someone might conceivably try to appear posher than he or she 
actually was.   I was thinking about one of my father's memories.  He 
had a pretty deprived background - didn't finish school, as was true 
of most of the kids from his neighbourhood.  Anyway, for some reason 
I always remembered the woman on his road who'd call her kids in from 
playing with: "Come in for your tea, toast and two eggs".  (The two 
eggs really set them off from the other families, you see.)

[my snip]
>  This is all more than a little OTT, but it's fun
>  > to think of Howl's childhood.  :)  Can't you imagine what a handful he
>>  was?
>Someone has already wondered when he learned to slither out. I
>suspect it was innate, starting with getting out of eating anything
>he didn't like and not putting his toys away. And I bet it was Megan
>who got lumbered while he got away with things.

Oh yes!  Ven, you've got this spot on, IMO!  No wonder Megan's so 
bleedin' sour.


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