A Very Deep Secret

Ven ven at vvcrane.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Sep 2 14:18:09 EDT 2001

I'm finally getting round to doing this mail properly. I had a little 
difficulty with BT over my bill and the rotters cut my outgoing calls 
off. imagine! Just cos I couldn't give them any money for a few days!

So, to recap, reading what Deep Secret had to say about magids 
and writers gave me this compulsion to ask Dwj if she was or ever 
had been one and to start a tthread on the subject. Diana's reply 
having landed i then thougth it would be neat to quote it under the 
same subject heading, for compelteness of the archive.

Diana said

Not officially a magid, ever. But -- you know this sometimes 
happens -- there are times when I feel called upon to do something 
out of the ordinary, which felt as if it were part of a larger pattern i 
couldn't see. Perhaps this is the way it really works and we all 
function as temporary magids from time to time.  

And this is the kind of answer I was hoping for, showing, among 
other things that she was aware  of this possible reading of Deep 

The next answer was to a query about gnostic themes in her 
writing from Kate and Alex. (gnosticism is one of these things I 
understand fom scraps of information picked up here and there, if 
anyone can do a coherent exposition I'd be grateful). The subject 
was wisdom forgetting the task it was sent into this world to 
perform, forgetting one's true identity etc.

Diana replied:

I don't really know why (these themes recur) except I sometimes 
think I have a task myself ...... and I haven't performed it yet. I keep 
writing, hoping to get it performed. But I don't conciously put this in.

Fascinating. This has the same quality I  get from John Crowley's 
writing, that just below the surface of consciousness, or just 
beyond the range of the senses, something is beating its 
enormous wings.


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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