Regency and other fantasy

shelly at shelly at
Sun Sep 2 11:45:34 EDT 2001

Dorian wrote, about Joan Aiken:

>Oh, you should read them!  They're kids books, but they're just so
>much fun.  They tend to get described as “romps“ which I always think
>is a bit silly, but they do sort of bounce happily along.

I agree they're really good, but I found them quite dark and even frightening at times - often it seems as if the whole world is in a conspiracy that only the central characters are fighting. And when there are happy endings they often seem provisional and are sometimes undermined by later books. Weren't we talking about authors maturing? I think the Aiken series is a good example of this - the first book, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, is definitely a children's book, but the series has got darker as it goes on.


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