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Melissa said...
> No, Joan Aiken is one of those authors I've mysteriously never read.
> a few here and there.  I don't know why.

Oh, you should read them!  They're kids books, but they're just so
much fun.  They tend to get described as "romps" which I always think
is a bit silly, but they do sort of bounce happily along.
> >(That's quite enough for now, though I could go on about urban
> >which is my own favourite genre.)
> Yeah, but then you'd have to DEFINE it again.... :)

Heheh.  Well, my definition, which may or may not coincide with anyone
else's definition, is fantasy set in this modern world, except magic
and/or other supernatural elements are present.  Pamela Dean's "Tam
Lin" is urban fantasy (even if it is actually set 30 years ago - it's
close enough!).  So are Annie Dalton's books, and Charles de Lint's,
and Diane Duane's "Wizard" series.  Elizabeth Hand's "Waking the
Moon", Misty Lackey's "Sacred Ground" and her Di Tregarde books.
DWJ's "Fire and Hemlock", of course, and "Deep Secret" (to mention
only two!).  Huff's "Summon the Keeper", Diana L. Paxson's
"Brisingamen" and "The Paradise Tree", Tim Powers' "Last Call", Robert
Weinberg's "Logical Magician" tales.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian. (procrastinating)
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