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Hallie said
..........................., but everyone I've heard from
> >>  Wales had a really noticable accent - rather like a Cork or Kerry
> >>  accent here.  You'd never fail to notice one of them.
me, Ven
> >I have to disagree a bit Hallie.


> Oh well, if you have to, you have to, Ven.  It's good to have you 
> back anyway. :)

Oh, rotfl, should never have handed you the straight line should I?

> >I suspect Howl isn't quite as posh as my friend but iirc he
> >did go to university.

> Well, I'm glad you put this in, because otherwise I'd have had to 
> disagree with you. :)  Howl does not strike me as posh at all.
not at all, although I doubt he came from a rough or deprived 
background either. I suspect he would have been in the first 
generation of his family to go to university.

> >I also  think that he is proficient at code
> >switching (sociolinguistics speak for changing speech patterns to
> >suit the company). I take the "Megan bach" that Jennifer refers to
> >as indicating that his accent has become more Welsh. (it's
> >demonstrable that the less formal the speech, the further it drifts
> >from the standard and informal speech is usual amongst family).
> Umm, but...  If he was sounding more Welsh, it still doesn't explain why
> Sophie doesn't remark on the fact.  


> It's actually that he calls Mari
> "cariad", rather than Megan "bach",I'm pretty sure - and then breaks into
> Welsh with Mari, while he always speaks English with Megan.  Could it be a
> snobbish thing on *Megan's* part not to be very Welsh?  Possibly - going
> into pure flights of speculation here - that came from their family, and
> Howl's mother was like Megan, and wanted the children to sound "refined",
> rather than Welsh.  (A Dublin joke is calling this sounding "rathfeened",
> from the posh areas Rathgar and Rathmmines, and the mispronunciations
> involved in the attempt.) This is all more than a little OTT, but it's fun
> to think of Howl's childhood.  :)  Can't you imagine what a handful he
> was?

Someone has already wondered when he learned to slither out. I 
suspect it was innate, starting with getting out of eating anything 
he didn't like and not putting his toys away. And I bet it was Megan 
who got lumbered while he got away with things.


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