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Patrick Self pself30 at
Sat Sep 1 20:26:12 EDT 2001

>_Rhapsody_ by Elizabeth Haydon and its sequel,
> _Prophecy_. These look so much like standard generic fantasy that I
> believe they were as good as they are. There are some standard fantasy
> features and themes, but the books are interesting because of the writing
> style, the characters, and because of a framing device which is highly
> original and highly intgriguing. There's a third book coming out soon,
> _Destiny_.

I'm currently reading _Rhapsody_, and I have to say that my first reaction
upon starting this book was "Good god, this is horribly written!" I usually
don't really notice writing style unless it's really noticeable, but I
definitely observed it this time. I started laughing and almost gave up on
the book when the Uber-Assasin of Dark and Death who was described as
someone with "no heart and no vices" announced, in a totally serious manner,
after a fight in which he killed off numerous baddies who were after
Rhapsody  "I guess they were dying to see you." But I continued reading it
and am glad I did, because despite the writing (at one point I flashbacked
to when I was reading the Eye of Arogon, seriously), and the wish
fullfilment aspect (EVERYONE loves Rhapsody, she's incredibly beautiful,
etc) it was still a great deal of fun to read.

> The "Aunt Dimity" books by Nancy Atherton. The first one is called _Aunt
> Dimity's Death_. If you need cheering up, these are the books to read.
> are funny mystery/fantasy books that make you feel as though you're
> hot chocolate in front of a warm fire.

Ooh, these sound good... thanks for the recommendation! ^_^

> _Archangel_, by Sharon Shinn. There are sequels, which are good, too.

I couldn't really get into her Angel books, but I loved _Heart of Gold_ and
_Wrapt in Crystal_

Some others books I've enjoyed lately are :
_Point of Hopes_ and _Point of Dreams_ by Melissa Scott & Lisa Barnett,
which are mystery/fantasy books in a universe in which astrology and other
lesser known maigics play large parts - I really enjoyed them.
_Glasswright's Apprentice_ by Mindy L. Klasky. I think there's a sequal, but
I haven't read it.
_The Gate of Ivory_ by Doris Egan (which also has more in the series which I
haven't read)

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