DWJ's answers: Harry Potter

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Sep 1 17:02:36 EDT 2001

>What I personally would like is a fantasy that's set in a culture that's
>technologically and sociologically similar to the early 19th century.  What
>I would find fascinating is a true Regency novel that's also a
>fantasy--alternate universe, whatever.  It's possible; it just needs doing.
>And yeah, there are a few, I'm sure (we could even start a list if you want)
>but again NOT ENOUGH.

I'm really tired, and feeling very stupid, but could you spell out 
the distinction?  I mean, does Sorcery & Cecelia fit this bill?

The one I found really, really disappointing was _Shadow of Albion_ 
by Andre Norton and Rosemary Edgehill.  I saw it on Amazon shortly 
after reading S&C and the Mairelon books and was so excited at the 
idea of another Regency/fantasy.  You lot have got me well and truly 
trained not to use the "B-word" about a book, (and it got 4 stars 
from 12 reviews on Amazon, so some people obviously like it!), but I 
*didn't*.  At all.  Had I seen what RE had to say about it in an 
author's review, I might have expected less:  "James Bond meets Jane 
Austen in a Regency that never was".    Anyway, I felt better when I 
saw a chunk from their second book in the series on Ansible's Thog's 
Masterclass. :)


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