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On Sat, 01 Sep 2001 15:26:18 +0300, Tarja Rainio wrote:

>on 31.8.2001 23:35, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at Proffitt.com wrote:
>> But this list is, as you say, really good for hooking people on new
>> books...doesn't ANYONE have something fabulous to suggest?  That I haven't
>> already read?  Anyone??
>Have you ever read anything by Canadian writer Sean Stewart? All his books
>are very different from each other, though lately he has concentrated most
>on stories a little like magic realism. _Passion Play_ is his first and is
>really a great exploration of moral choices in a bad situation, _Nobody's
>Son_ tells what might happen after "happily ever after", and I think his
>latest, _Galveston_ is on the list of nominates for 2000 World Fantasy

I've read _Mockingbird_ and was VERY impressed.  I kept forgetting the
author wasn't a woman.  What a compelling book!

>> I actually wasn't going to buy this one in hardcover right away.  I didn't
>> like _The Spirit Ring_, her only other fantasy, and while I liked the
>> chapters I read online, it didn't really grab me.  It's Jacob's fault that
>> we bought it at all, and I'm so glad we did.  I'm sorry it's not out in the
>> UK yet.  I loved the theology/magic system and the characters are very
>> interesting (though there was one point where I thought it was Miles and
>> Ivan talking).  Worth reading.
>I didn't like _The Spirit Ring_ either, but _Chalion_ was really fun. I'm
>only wondering what she might write about with the next book in the series
>(as I understand it, she has contracted to write at least two book in this

Yes, she sold two of them to Eos.  All the way through _Chalion_ I kept
waiting for the other shoe to drop, because I knew she'd sold two of them,
and assumed incorrectly that it meant she'd sold a two-volume novel.  It was
such a relief to get to the end and realize that the story actually wrapped
up, because the way it was going I didn't think I could stand it if I had to
wait a couple of years for the sequel.  I'm also wondering just what she has
left to write about.  I'm sure the world can support other stories, but I
can't imagine what they are.

>> Wait, wait, does this mean you HAVEN'T read _Bridge of Birds_ yet?  Because
>> if that's the case, we have got to get you a copy.  I'd even go to the
>> bookstore and get one for you.  It's on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.
>I haven't read it either and it's *totally unavailable* here *grumble,
>grumble*. Ok, a friend of mine might have it, but she is currently doing her
>PhD in the States and all her books are packed away in the meanwhile... The
>book has been near the top of my Alexlit recommendations list for some time.

Maybe I *should* start buying these when I find them.  Every book store I go
to seems to have at least one of these on the shelf.  Now, finding the
sequels--THAT'S hard work.

>> "Buffy" reruns start in just 25 days.
>I just got the boxed sets of Buffy S5.2 and Angel S2.2 last week, so I might
>spend a Buffy/Angel weekend some time. The Finnish tv has shown Buffy only
>until the end of S3 (was shown last Spring, they're currently showing reruns
>of S2...), and I just couldn't wait any more, so I started buying them on

Isn't it fun to be addicted?!  Jacob and I started watching in season FOUR.
The FX channel here in the US bought the rights to the reruns years ago, and
it's finally time for them to air.  I can't wait.

Melissa Proffitt
(23 days to Buffy)
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