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On Sat, 01 Sep 2001 15:26:20 +0300, Tarja Rainio wrote:

>on 1.9.2001 00:24, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at wrote:
>> *WHY* am I the only one who liked _Stardust_?  Okay, sure, I can accept
>> finding it dull after reading the graphic novel version, but...either I'm
>> missing something or everyone else is nuts.  I think it's a really good
>> fairy tale and he's using a roughly fairy-tale narrative style.  I do want
>> to read the graphic novel eventually, though.
>I read the novel form _Stardust_ first without even knowing that there was
>also an illustrated version. I thought the book a nice modern fairy tale,
>very readable, but not that special. Later on I got the illustrated version
>(it's not really a graphic novel, more of a novella with lots of
>illustrations) as a gift and completely fell in love with it. The fact, that
>I've always liked Charles Vess's style might have a lot to do with that =).
>The illustrated version is just beautiful IMHO, a real treasure.
I really do want the illustrated version.  I don't exactly *love* the novel,
but it seemed everyone I knew didn't like it at all...and I think it's not
bad at all.  I will have to save up for the other, though, as my library
doesn't carry it.

I think I preferred it to _Neverwhere_ because in reading that one, I kept
having the feeling that it should have been a graphic novel.  Jacob tells me
that with _American Gods_ he's finally gotten a handle on the novel form,
which I'm glad of.  I had the reaction, reading _Neverwhere_, that everyone
else seems to have had comparing _Stardust_ to the illustrated version--only
there's no illustrated _Neverwhere_ for a true comparison (unless you count
the TV series).

Melissa Proffitt
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