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Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Sat Sep 1 15:02:27 EDT 2001

On Sat, 1 Sep 2001 12:50:49 +0100 (BST), Sophie Liebregts wrote:

>It is sometimes hard
>to tell the difference between those and the good ones
>by the cover sometimes. Which is why your
>recommendations are gratefully received and stored for
>further reference.

I have an email folder for this purpose.  How many wonderful books have I
discovered via this list?  Too many to cite here, but it's a lot.

For finding the gems amid the dross, I depend on my husband, whose tolerance
for cheap cover art is much higher than mine.  I would never have read Dave
Duncan if not for him.  He also spares me finding out the hard way that I
*won't* like something.  I'm only sorry I'm not gentler in my derision of
Certain Books when we have discussions about things....
>My recommendation is also of the ministry of the
>completely obious variety, but I just love Emma Bull's
>War for the Oakes.

I was SO excited to see the new edition of this!  I knew it was coming out
soon, but hadn't been paying attention, and it just popped up on
yesterday!  Such a fun book.

>Actually, at the moment I am reading my favourite bits
>of the absolute godfather of them all, ye olde Lord of
>the Rings(for abouth the 89th time or so). Falling in
>love with Strider all over again. *Sigh*

Hee hee.  We just bought a new set because we are reading them to our kids
and the pages were falling out.  It was sad, because I remember getting that
boxed set in my Christmas stocking one year, crammed into the top of it, and
I must have read it dozens of times...but the new ones are quite nice

My seven-year-old became very upset in relation to the new ones, though.
She didn't know we'd replaced them and so when her dad took _Fellowship of
the Ring_ off the shelf she said, "I don't want THAT!  I want Lord of the
Rings!"  He had to make her read the title before she would believe him.

Melissa Proffitt
looking forward to the movie
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