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Rebecca said...
> >
> >I'd like to see the Neverwhere series someday.  I caught the tail
end of one
> >episode, and it didn't occur to me what it was until it was
over--and then I
> >never could find when it was being aired again.
> I was not aware that there was a series...I thought Neverwhere was a
> alone, as=t least in novel form.

Not a series of books.  "Neverwhere" appeared simultaneously as a book
and a TV series.  I have both, and they're both great.

> I've heard really bad things, so I haven't read Card beyond speaker
for the
> Dead.  ender's Shadow, I was told, debases Ender and goes against
> set forth in Ender's Game...other opinions?

Well, I wouldn't have said anything of the sort.  "Ender's Shadow"
focuses on Bean, and basically tells the same story as "Ender's Game",
but from Bean's point of view.  I really enjoyed it.

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