What to read? was Re: DWJ's answers: Harry Potter

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Sat Sep 1 12:46:22 EDT 2001

>  > Wait, wait, does this mean you HAVEN'T read _Bridge of Birds_ yet?  Because
>>  if that's the case, we have got to get you a copy.  I'd even go to the
>>  bookstore and get one for you.  It's on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.
>I haven't read it either and it's *totally unavailable* here *grumble,
>grumble*. Ok, a friend of mine might have it, but she is currently doing her
>PhD in the States and all her books are packed away in the meanwhile... The
>book has been near the top of my Alexlit recommendations list for some time.

Oh, Tarja, I *knew* I had a moral obligation to have a database of my 
books!  I have it, and could have put it in with the others I sent 
you.  But I'll probably borrow something from you in return and will 
put BoB in the return envelope.  Ania, you missed your chance - I 
*told* you BoB was good!:)

BTW, does anyone know if the second one has been republished too 
(stone something - blanking out totally on its name)?  I was looking 
at $100-ish copies for a while, and gave up.  We've _Eight Skilled 
Gentlemen_, but I want to read them in order.

Hallie (really envying you guys, cause I'm just back from a rotten 
tutorial and have no time to really catch up on this thread)

Oh - just read Tarja's next post as I was dialling up - yeah! another 
Farscape fan!  I *missed* the first episode of Season 3 as it wasn't 
supposed to be starting til September on BBC.  Groan.

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