More books, Was: DWJ's answers: Harry Potter

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Sat Sep 1 10:50:29 EDT 2001

I thought of a few more books I've found addictive:

_Archangel_, by Sharon Shinn. There are sequels, which are good, too.
_Mage Heart_, by Jane Routley. Again the sequels are good, though not quite
as gripping as the first.
_The Thread that Binds the Bones_ and _The Silent Strength of Stones_ by
Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
_Prosopero's Children_ by Jan Siegel.
_The Summer Tree_, _The Wandering Fire_ and _The Darkest Road_ by Guy
Gavriel Kay.
_Pilgrimage_ and _The People:No Different Flesh_ by Zenna Henderson.
_Shade and Shadow_ by Francine Woodbury.

I'm sure there are more I've forgotten!


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