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Sat Sep 1 10:05:14 EDT 2001

on 1.9.2001 16:04, Neil Ward at neilward at wrote:
> I have read "The Wild Swans" and absolutely adored it.  The only reason I
> didn't mention it in my previous post was that it sits rather on the
> outskirts of the fantasy genre.  It's nothing like her first book, but it
> made me cry and left me feeling stunned.   The story alternates and
> intermixes between a reworking of the fable about Elisa and her eleven
> 'swan' brothers and the story of Elias, a young, gay man coping with coming
> out and the first appearances of HIV/AIDS.  It sounds like it shouldn't
> work, but it does.  I'd love to know what you think of it.

Ok, I'll report on it after I've read it, but it might take some while.

> Incidentally, Peg is currently in the midst of writing her third book, which
> is due to be set in the same universe as "Emerald House Rising".

Sounds great! I really liked the world and characters in that book.


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