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>I think he's better at the short form than the novel.  _Dreams Underfoot_ is
>one of my favorite short story collections, and I just don't read many short

Me too.  I'm a short story hater, in most cases.  and I rarely consider my
favorite book by an author to be a collectio nof short stories.  But deLint
just does it beautifully.  Not quite abook rec, but if anyone can get their
hands on deLint's new music CD, which is supposed to be coming out, it
should be gorgeous.  (I got to her deLint and his wife play mandolins at a
con.  Smug grin :)  )
My other favorite short story collection, not even in the same league as
deLint, bu still good: Book of Enchantments, by Wrede.  Frying Pan of

>>Gaiman's Neverwhere and Stardust
>I'd like to see the Neverwhere series someday.  I caught the tail end of one
>episode, and it didn't occur to me what it was until it was over--and then I
>never could find when it was being aired again.

I was not aware that there was a series...I thought Neverwhere was a stand
alone, as=t least in novel form.

>>Carl Sagan's Contact
>Have you seen the movie?  Which do you think is better?

I have seen the movie, and it's my favorite movie.  It completely leaves
out really important chunks of the book, but manages to make itself a full
storyline anyway.  The book stil has a superior grasp on the science.

>I'm glad I finally read _Ender's Shadow_ and _Shadow of the Hegemon_.  Liked
>the second one better, probably because I liked the new direction he was
>going in.  One of the things I like about Card is that he does a lot of
>research about things and sometimes includes a bibliography.  Reading
>_Pastwatch_ was enhanced by then reading the source material on Mesoamerican
>cultures.  After reading _Hegemon_ I wanted to read more about Thailand.
>Very cool.

I've heard really bad things, so I haven't read Card beyond speaker for the
Dead.  ender's Shadow, I was told, debases Ender and goes against premises
set forth in Ender's Game...other opinions?

Rebecca D. Ganetzky

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