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Sat Sep 1 08:50:51 EDT 2001

> >Jennifer wrote, among other things:
> >>And that's about all of the authors who grab my mind like
> >> this.
> Ros wrote:
> >I'm actually dying to comment on some of the books and authors you've
> >mentioned in this email, but it's so late at night now that I just want
> >ask you if you've tried Patricia McKillip? You do have to 'work' a bit
> >reading her books because her lyrical, rich style requires close
> >and is also wonderfully ambiguous, but she's another writer who can
> >take me into that other world you seem to want to enter.
> I've only read Forgotten Beasts of Eld. I enjoyed it a lot, I also thought
> it was very good (Shades of the lit-crit thread! I'm sure various people
> said they could see a book was good but not enjoy it and all the other
> combinations of that), but it didn't somehow give me the same "feel" that
> enthralls me in the manner of a DWJ. My SO is reading one of hers (can't
> remember which) at the moment and I'll read it after he does, so I'll soon
> have another chance to tell.
> Jennifer

I read and replied to Melissa's email before I read this one, so I'm kind of
repeating both her and my comments here, for which I apologise, but the
three books in the "Riddle Master" books by McKillip are absolutely
wonderful. I found them deeply emotional and moving, and they have the kind
of depth and complexity about them that is still hard to find in fantasy.


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