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Tarja Rainio vierran at
Sat Sep 1 08:26:20 EDT 2001

I'm currently reading Diane Duane's Wizard series -well, I've almost
finished the first book _So You Want to Be a Wizard_, and also intend to
read the three other books I have- and found it to be a very nice modern
children's fantasy. Most of you have probably already read these since I
understand they were originally published in the 80's, but I'd only heard
hints of them before. I'm actually reading these for my friend the editor
(the guy who is publishing Wrede's Dragon series and more DWJ based on my
recommendations =)) and should evaluate whether they might work as

Through him I've been able to read several book that I might otherwise have
missed (Robin Jarvis's _Deathscent_, the Duane series), but also some that I
didn't like at all. The Lemony Snicket books, for example, just didn't work
for me, and Alan Dean Foster's _Kingdoms of Light_ was just awful.

On another matter, I just loaned the first DVD-set of Farscape from a
friend. At last I'll be able to what all the talk about it is about =).


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