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Tarja Rainio vierran at saunalahti.fi
Sat Sep 1 08:26:18 EDT 2001

on 31.8.2001 23:35, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at Proffitt.com wrote:
> But this list is, as you say, really good for hooking people on new
> books...doesn't ANYONE have something fabulous to suggest?  That I haven't
> already read?  Anyone??

Have you ever read anything by Canadian writer Sean Stewart? All his books
are very different from each other, though lately he has concentrated most
on stories a little like magic realism. _Passion Play_ is his first and is
really a great exploration of moral choices in a bad situation, _Nobody's
Son_ tells what might happen after "happily ever after", and I think his
latest, _Galveston_ is on the list of nominates for 2000 World Fantasy
> I actually wasn't going to buy this one in hardcover right away.  I didn't
> like _The Spirit Ring_, her only other fantasy, and while I liked the
> chapters I read online, it didn't really grab me.  It's Jacob's fault that
> we bought it at all, and I'm so glad we did.  I'm sorry it's not out in the
> UK yet.  I loved the theology/magic system and the characters are very
> interesting (though there was one point where I thought it was Miles and
> Ivan talking).  Worth reading.

I didn't like _The Spirit Ring_ either, but _Chalion_ was really fun. I'm
only wondering what she might write about with the next book in the series
(as I understand it, she has contracted to write at least two book in this
> Wait, wait, does this mean you HAVEN'T read _Bridge of Birds_ yet?  Because
> if that's the case, we have got to get you a copy.  I'd even go to the
> bookstore and get one for you.  It's on the shelf at Barnes & Noble.

I haven't read it either and it's *totally unavailable* here *grumble,
grumble*. Ok, a friend of mine might have it, but she is currently doing her
PhD in the States and all her books are packed away in the meanwhile... The
book has been near the top of my Alexlit recommendations list for some time.
> "Buffy" reruns start in just 25 days.

I just got the boxed sets of Buffy S5.2 and Angel S2.2 last week, so I might
spend a Buffy/Angel weekend some time. The Finnish tv has shown Buffy only
until the end of S3 (was shown last Spring, they're currently showing reruns
of S2...), and I just couldn't wait any more, so I started buying them on


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