More on reading (was Re: DWJ's answers: Harry Potter)

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at
Sat Sep 1 07:50:49 EDT 2001

 --- Neil Ward <neilward at> wrote: > I love
it when you all recommend brilliant
> fantasy/science fiction books,
> but I invariably feel like a complete dunce, as I've
> rarely read anything by
> the authors mentioned.  I now feel compelled to
> purchase dozens more books
> and add them to the monumental stack of uncracked
> tomes already teetering in
> the corner of the room.

I totally empathise. Actually, I have read quite a
lot, but I haven't read a lot of Fantasy. One of the
reasons (apart from loving lots of different genres)
for this is  that, although there is some very good
stuff out there, I bought a few too many tacky
psuedo-heroic medieval books with endless descriptions
about just how noble and heroic the hero is and just
how evil the  guy with the red-glowing eyes(they
always seems to have those) is. It is sometimes hard
to tell the difference between those and the good ones
by the cover sometimes. Which is why your
recommendations are gratefully received and stored for
further reference.

My recommendation is also of the ministry of the
completely obious variety, but I just love Emma Bull's
War for the Oakes.

Actually, at the moment I am reading my favourite bits
of the absolute godfather of them all, ye olde Lord of
the Rings(for abouth the 89th time or so). Falling in
love with Strider all over again. *Sigh*

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