More on reading (was Re: DWJ's answers: Harry Potter)

Neil Ward neilward at
Sat Sep 1 04:44:20 EDT 2001

I love it when you all recommend brilliant fantasy/science fiction books,
but I invariably feel like a complete dunce, as I've rarely read anything by
the authors mentioned.  I now feel compelled to purchase dozens more books
and add them to the monumental stack of uncracked tomes already teetering in
the corner of the room.

Can anyone recommend a speed reading course that simulates long, dreamy
Sunday afternoons curled up on the sofa?

I will mention (again, probably) Peg Kerr's first novel, "Emerald House
Rising," as a bit of a gem (ahem), but I guess there's no point in
mentioning Susan Cooper's "The Dark Is Rising" sequence in a
'teaching-my-grandmother-to-suck-eggs' fashion: I'm currently absorbed in
book two of the five and feeling an absolute fool for not having read them

Neil (who now believes the saying "Life begins at 40")

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