My First sf story (was: Re: Too Quiet)

Nat Case ncase at
Wed Oct 31 11:34:48 EST 2001

I played a lot of elaborate "make-believe" things when I was in grade 
school and before, gradually graduating to model trains in junior 
high, but they were curiously close to "real life," seldom involving 
magic and such. After reading the Dark is Rising series, I think a 
friend and I tried doing some sort of game, but we had a lot more fun 
making up stuff that felt like grownup real life.

Writing on the other hand...I remember writing a 2-page fantasy story 
based on floating down the Missouri on the back of an alligator when 
I was seven or eight. I tried writing stories for school whenever I 
can; a lot of my papers for high school (when I could get away with 
it), were in the form of transcripts of committee meetings with 
various characters arguing various points dialectically. I figured if 
Plato could get away with it, why not?

The first couple "serious" attempts I did were a story in 8th grade 
and a project I did the summer between 8th and 9th grades. The first 
was based on a SF story in which a set of intelligent computer-based 
characters played a chess game... and then the scene shifted suddenly 
to the sceintists running the computer who shut off the game, leaving 
the characters the reader has developed sympathy for hanging... I did 
a pretty decent length short story base don a Parcheesi game...

The second was an "alternate history" based on Vercingetorix and the 
Gauls beating the Romans (and Julius Caesar being killed and 
essentially taking over the world. The history research was lots of 
fun, and kept me out of trouble in the library the whole summer...

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