My First sf story (was: Re: Too Quiet)

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Wed Oct 31 07:28:35 EST 2001

	Thirded.  I'm quite positive that the first sf/fantasy story I
ever _created_ was the one that I did when I was three, which is to say
before I could write.  I dictated it to my mother, who wrote it for me,
and I drew the pictures.  It was basically about the life of a little
girl, and since I only remember it because of the scattered pages we have
lying around, I don't really recall what happened in it, but I do know
that at one point she turned into a whale.  I don't know why, though.
	Probably the first one that I myself actually wrote was
"Adventures in Mathland," which was what I wrote in my writing journal in
second grade.  We had to read aloud from our journals every week.  I was
the first person to think of writing a serial and keeping the rest of the
class in suspense, but later other people copied me ;-).  The story itself
was sort of like a mixture between _Alice in Wonderland_ and _The Phantom
Tollbooth_, I suppose.


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On Wed, 31 Oct 2001 Philip.Belben at wrote:

> Paul, quoting Ven:
> >> What's the first attempt at writing sf or fantasy that you can
> >> remember. Mine was about a bunch of cats, with military ranks, who
> >> went to Mars and met an alien.
> >
> > In my case, this is rather complicated, and depends on what one means
> > by "writing". I invented a heap of sf stories when I was little, but
> > never got around to pinning most of them to paper.
> Me too.  When I was 5, and at my first school, one of my favourite activities
> was when we were given drawing paper and felt pens and allowed free rein - I
> almost consistently drew picture stories about a world I thought of as "the oval
> planet", in which everyone went everywhere in flying saucers or rocket-propelled
> cars.
> Philip.

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