My First sf story (was: Re: Too Quiet)

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Wed Oct 31 03:42:25 EST 2001

Paul, quoting Ven:

>> What's the first attempt at writing sf or fantasy that you can
>> remember. Mine was about a bunch of cats, with military ranks, who
>> went to Mars and met an alien.
> In my case, this is rather complicated, and depends on what one means
> by "writing". I invented a heap of sf stories when I was little, but
> never got around to pinning most of them to paper.

Me too.  When I was 5, and at my first school, one of my favourite activities
was when we were given drawing paper and felt pens and allowed free rein - I
almost consistently drew picture stories about a world I thought of as "the oval
planet", in which everyone went everywhere in flying saucers or rocket-propelled

The first example of the genre that I actually put to paper as a story was
probably a fantasy called "twin trees", in which the hero found that walking
between a pair of identical trees took him to another world.  I suppose I was
about 8.  I wish I still had this one.

When I was about 10 I had a go at a longish, very bad, picture story, "The
discovery of the planet Venkola", which I drew out on a scroll made from a roll
of wallpaper.  There was also a text version, but (mercifully) neither survives
to my knowledge :-)

At secondary school, practically every free composition we were set I turned
into SF.  The only one that survives is called "An Ideal School?" - a future
shock story from when I was 16 or 17, heavily influenced by Asimov.  FWIW the
plot is about a boy, aged 12, very excited about his first day at school.  He
goes to the school with his mother and is put under hypnosis.  When he wakes up,
he finds he has been educated - and one of the things that he knows is that he
isn't going back home, but off, alone, to the young person's hostel.

But I've always been far more interested in writing music than writing words.  I
suspect "An Ideal School" may be the _last_ SF or fantasy story I've written...


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