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Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at
Tue Oct 30 10:23:55 EST 2001

Jennifer wrote:
> which authors had influenced my *reading*- ie, I'm pretty 
> sure that reading
> dwj actually somehow changed the way I read fantasy

Interesting - I'm not sure I see the distinction between influencing
someone's reading and influencing the way they see the world, though. I'm
fairly sure DWJ and many other writers have changed the way i see the world,
but I don't think they've changed the way I read other books (except for
making me seek out other books like theirs). Am I missing a subtle
distinction here?


PS Lord of the Rings - can I add my vote to yours in throwing the series
(except for the Hobbit, wch is funnier, and may be the appendices, wch are
interestingly obssessive & systematic) out of the balloon? Not that I object
to wordiness, just to lack of a sense of irony.

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