Another tidbit from Dave Langford

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Tue Oct 23 07:12:10 EDT 2001

This is from his column in SFX (issue 80, Jul 2001, ), and is about
nominations for the Hugos.
"Another British fan, the very cuddly Sue Mason, appears as a Fan Artist
nominee for 
the first time in 2001. Sue's work is frequently seen in Plokta [a fanzine],
and she's rumoured to be the inspiration for the erotic fantasy artist Zinka
in Diana Wynne Jones's novel Deep Secret ..."
So, we know she puts real people in to keep the rest of the characters real,
but does Deep Secret count as having two people in it, or does the breakfast
scene not count (since I don't think she said she actually based
whatsisname's character on Neil Gaiman, just that bit)?
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