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On Tue, 16 Oct 2001 17:31:11 +0800 (WST) Paul Andinach 
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> On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
> > Speaking of Hitchhikers, did any other UK listmembers watch the
> > Top 10 Sci-Fi on Saturday night? I liked the clips- I wish they'd do
> > a rerun of Sapphire And Steel now- I'd never heard of it (too young,
> > sorry), but it looked wierd. I don't think the Tomorrow People or
> > Buck Rogers reeeaallly deserved to be in there- though there haven't
> > been that many sf shows to choose from! 
> I've heard it suggested that it was really a Nostalgia Top 10, which
> seems to fit.

Most of the Top Tens seem to have been like this, with the order depending 
on what was available and what the production staff can remember. I mean TV 
hardmen without Jack Reagan??? Come on! At least The Sweeney got into the 
top 10 cop shows! Shame they couldn't find room for Babylon 5 though.

If you can hunt down any of the Sapphire & Steel videos, you're in for a 
treat. It was a very atmospheric programme, not dumbed down at all. I wish 
they'd repeat it.
> > Any US people who have only seen the Dr Who tv movie with Joe McGann
> > a couple of years ago and think it was rubbish, you're right, but
> > the serieses were triffic.
> It wasn't that bad, just not as well written as it could have been. Or
> cast. And it was simultaneously too nostalgic and insufficiently
> respectful of tradition.
> But the production values were nice, the direction was excellent, and
> Paul McGann did very well, I thought.
> (It was Paul McGann. Joe McGann was the one who starred in
> _Truckers_.)

Yes Paul McGann was good (and had a good costume), but I'm of the Old 
School: The Doctor does not kiss his assisstants! (And the eye of harmony 
is on Gallifrey, and not in the Tardis. AND it's a chameleon circuit and 
not a cloaking device!) Sorry, I'll calm down now.
Ahh, DWJ, Doctor Who and the Sweeney. Some of the best things ever.


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